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About us

Fifty Fifth Capital is a private investment firm founded with the sole purpose of purchasing and operating companies with annual revenue between $5M to $50M. Our firm is backed by a dozen institutional investors and family offices, and benefits from the stewardship of over 150 combined years of leadership experience.​

Why sell your business to us? Because we are different

We are the perfect partner for a business owner who not only wishes to preserve the legacy of their company and keep its vibrant culture intact; but also wishes to unlock the wealth they have created through years of hard work and sacrifice.

  • We strongly believe in maximizing your economics. All of the expertise to value, evaluate and close a deal are in-house. As a result, we can cut-out "middle-men" and  by-pass long, distracting processes to allow you as the owner, to capture all of the wealth of your company. Our flexibility gives you, the owner the ability to make a decision on your terms.

  • We are fundamentally nurturers. Our goal is to nurture your company for the future as attentively and as meticulously as it was done in the past. Our focus on one company gives us the bandwidth to ensure that we are as passionate about your business as you are.

  • We would like to be worthy heirs and partners. It is our goal to forge an enduring relationship with you and your employee family, and to continue building on the successful culture with as little disruption as humanly possible. Your company can immediately leverage 300+ years of combined relationships and insights from a wide range of industries.

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